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Personal Lines

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379.1700 RSMo (Terms Defined)
379.1702 RSMo (Insurance coverage required)


Ridesharing services (or Transportation Network Companies), such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are popping up across the country and becoming an increasingly popular way for people to earn money. However, states have concerns about potential gaps in insurance coverage. 

Driver Consumer Alert: Ridesharing drivers may face insurance coverage gap.

Subsequent to the Missouri Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 691 during the 2014 legislative session, coverage for damage resulting from sinkholes is now available through the Missouri Property Insurance Placement Facility, commonly known as the Missouri FAIR Plan.  The coverage is available as a supplement to an existing policy insuring the property.  The coverage is only available for habitational structures and shall not cover driveways or nonhabitational detached structures.  Contents coverage shall apply only if there is covered sinkhole loss on the habitational structure in which the contents were located.  The coverage shall not include loss for the value of the land or for the costs associated with filling a sinkhole.  The deductible for such coverage equals ten percent (10%) of the combined limit of liability of dwelling coverage and contents coverage.

Application for coverage and rates: Sinkhole Application and Rates.pdfSinkhole Application and Rates.pdf