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State SEO Program

MAIA has partnered with Trusted Choice at the Chrome level to provide our agency members optimized online presence, a member plus profile and increased agency recommendations. 

This program is designed to benefit all Missouri agents by creating policy-type pages, industry class pages and blogs related to the value of working with an independent agent in Missouri. The SEO algorithms for these pages have been developed to increase the chances of at least one of them showing on page one of a Google search for insurance in Missouri. 

When a consumer visits one of these pages, they will see recommended insurance agencies. Since MAIA offers this benefit to all of our agency members, your agency could be recommended for free! In order to show as a recommended insurance agency, you will need to set up your Member Plus profileThis video walks you through the process of claiming your free Member Plus Profile.

Additionally, your agency can upgrade your Member Plus profile to an Advantage Profile for a fee. Use the code "MO-10" to receive 10% off any Advantage subscription!

Already have a Member Plus Profile but want to make a change? Access it here!

State SEO Program Results
Sept. 2021 - May 2022 

14,086 organic insurance shopper sessions to via a Google search

9,804 agency recommendations made to high intent insurance shoppers who completed the funnel with their specific insurance needs

598 agency referrals delivered to consumers that complete the funnel and selected an agency

43,543 agency recommendations made to medium intent insurance shoppers on content pages.

1,298,039 Google search impressions: number of times a content page is shown in search results in Missouri.



Sheryl Van Leer

Chief Operating Officer