MAPAC is the Missouri Agents Political Action Committee—a voluntary, nonprofit unincorporated committee established by the Missouri Association of Insurance Agents to complement its state legislative program. MAPAC serves an important function for MAIA’s government affairs program by providing a cohesive voice in our state Capitol.


MAPAC pools contributions from Missouri’s independent agencies to support selected candidates for the Missouri House and Senate who share our business philosophies and support the independent agent community.


MAPAC is important to us as independent agents because it allows us to speak with one strong voice, reinforcing our presence in the state Capitol.


The MAIA lobbying team with the advice and approval of the executive staff selects the candidates MAPAC will support. A report of MAPAC expenditures is available for review by any participating member on request. Also, information can be obtained from the Missouri Ethics Commission.


MAPAC is able to study the campaigns of all districts and provide support in key situations. Contributing to MAPAC does not reduce the need for you to actively participate personally in elections held at the local, state and national levels.

MAPAC contributions or gifts to a political action committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.


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About making your contribution?

Dawn Patterson

Dawn PattersonMembership Coordinator

 About where MAPAC funds go?

Matthew Barton

Matthew BartonChief Executive Officer