Elite Force Sales Training

The most comprehensive insurance sales training course available!
The Elite Force program is designed to be complete training for young and new producers who have a basic understanding of sales and need the foundation of a strong education to transform them into superstars in production. This course is recommended for agents with less than three years experience in sales and less than five in the industry.
Producers in the Elite Force Sales Training Program average $31,500 in first-year NEW commissions - with top performers making 50-100% more! In addition, the top two all-time Midwest Elite Force producers made over $200,000 and $300,000 respectively their first year (not included in average).
Applicants must complete the official application form. Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. No registration is confirmed until a completed application and required attachments have been received.

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Jeanne Blomberg

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May 8-10, 2017
August 7-9, 2017
November 6-8, 2017
February 5-7, 2018
First Quarter:
The Numbers Game - Goal Setting 
Prospecting and Targeting - Risk Management Basics, Suspects vs. Prospects
Perception, Power and Performance - Personal Discovery
Consultative Relationships - Gaining Long-Term Customer Confidence
"Why Me" & Time Management - The "Why Me" Statement and the Most Critical Tool
The Perfect Sale - Methods to Create It
Second Quarter:
Learning as a Lifestyle - Be Successful Long-Term 
Six Steps to Success - Psychology of the Sales Process
Marketing for Success - The Complete Sale
Conflict and Politics - Managing Conflict and Impact of Politics
Referrals! - Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Methods
Managing the Sales Process - How the Best Become the Best
Third Quarter:
War Stories - What Works and Why? 
The Presentation - Proposals, Rehearsals and Polishing Presentation Skills
The Negotiations - Underwriter and Client
Case Studies and Practice - Preparing You for the Real World
Team Work and the Case Analysis - In-Depth Account Analysis
The Interview - How and When to Walk Away
Fourth Quarter:
Business Etiquette - And Why to Bother 
To Close or Not to Close - Tips From Some of the Best in the Business
The Customer as King - Getting Them to Come Back
The Triangle - Agent, Client and Carrier Relationships
Motivation for the Long Run - Stress Management and Attitude
Your Sales Style - Creating a Long-Term Plan
In Missouri:
MAIA Headquarters
3315 Emerald Lane
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: 573-893-4301
In Nebraska:
IIAN Learning Center
8231 Northwoods Dr., Ste. B
Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone: 402-476-2951
The school consists of 12 full days' training, completed three days at a time. The class is held quarterly at the MAIA Headquarters in Jefferson City, Mo. in odd years (in even years it is held at the Nebraska Association). Classroom training is augmented by extensive study time at home and in the office, using books and videos from some of the industry's best.
Developed by independent agents for independent agents - the Elite Force program teaches the full psychology of the sale, not just tricks or gimmicks. The program covers everything from prospecting to data gathering and closing. It teaches personality traits, negotiation skills, time management, consultative relationship building, credibility building and more.
Limited to 16 students - students receive individual attention during and between class sessions.
Taught by certified, experienced, national-level Elite Force instructors.
Builds accountability into daily habits of students - goal setting and monthly reporting are the written requirements of the program. Students are required to report monthly sales activities to their assigned agency manager and the Big "I" Elite Force sales mentor, and that activity will be reviewed quarterly by the Elite Force.
Associate in Insurance Production (AIP) Designation - This program has been approved by IIABA for the AIP designation. This designation will be conferred upon all students who:
  • Attend each class session
  • Complete the classroom work
  • Turn in monthly sales reports
  • Complete the goal setting
  • And complete any other assigned requirements


Total tuition of $2800 for members of a state association that is a member of IIABA covers:
  • 12 full days of classroom training, completed three days at a time, in quarterly sessions.
  • Hotel accommodations for eight nights at Best Western Capital Inn, Jefferson City, Mo. (plus one night for the mentor).
  • All class workbooks, supplies, reading materials, morning coffee, afternoon refreshments, at least four lunches and after-class activities planned to facilitate relationship building among students.
  • Monthly mentoring by MAIA staff and individualized student profiles that help to build accountability into the daily habits of the student.
  • The Associate in Insurance Production (AIP) designation and conferment at the MAIA Joint Leadership and Young Agents Conference that year.
HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS (Included in tuition)
Best Western Capital Inn
1937 Christy Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Elite Force is an unforgettable growth experience for students, as their self-confidence soars along with their selling skills. Our goal is to develop life-long learners in insurance and sales.
"I do sincerely believe that the Elite Force education system will continue to have a major impact on my career for many, many years in the future. Likely my entire career." -Missouri Student, 2012
"I gained the confidence of going up to future prospects and talking to them." -Missouri Student, 2012
"This is a great chance to improve your sales skills and meet new agents who can also give you insight or tips to help you along your way." -Missouri Student, 2012
"The entire process of how to generate sales from networking to cold calling has been very good. I have read most of the books distributed ... they too have been very helpful." -Missouri Student, 2012
"If you are new to selling, this is a great class to get you out of your comfort zone." -Missouri Student, 2012
"I attended the Elite Sales School in my second year of production as an agent and the experience was awesome. This structured course has offered so many new avenues to my sales strategy that I will continue to use for the rest of my career. My own personal sales increased by over 75% in new written premium during this 12 month sales school. I built many life long relationships with the other students & professors as well. It is never too late to increase your knowledge, and if you are driven to succeed I highly recommend the Elite Sales School. Don’t waste another year of your career with unsatisfied sales results and sign up. If you are willing and driven, Elite will help you succeed beyond your expectations. “ -Nebraska Student, 2013
“The Elite sales class has been instrumental in my growth and maturity as a new agent. I learned how to make good use of my time which ensures a steady flow of new business that turns into loyal customers. The instructors take a hands-on approach which fosters in-class discussion and conversation. I would not be the agent I am today without the Elite Sales class. I highly recommend this class to any new insurance agent.”
-Nebraska Student, 2011
"The Elite class is an absolute win-win situation for the agent and is an investment for the (agency) principal. The price of the class will pay off ten-fold. My confidence level has skyrocketed. It gives me something structured to look back at. I have the data, materials, and tools right here." -Missouri Student, 2006
"The Elite sales class was the best sales training class I have attended. The Elite sales class teaches you how to prepare, manage, and follow through on your sales goals. The hands-on interaction between students and instructors was very beneficial. The Elite Sales class truly does teach you how to succeed in insurance sales. This class will give you the knowledge and self-confidence to succeed! I will highly recommend this class to any young/new insurance agent." -Iowa Student, 2008
"I want to thank the Big "I" for the Elite Force Sales Training program. WOW!!! What a difference you have made in (our young producer's) life. I suspected she had the basic gift for sales, but this training has been life changing for her...she has been an inspiration for her co-workers and myself. It has also been a great opportunity to plan for the perpetuation of the agency." -Nebraska Agency Principal, 2008