Chairman: Tim Wahl; MAIA Staff Liaison: Matt Barton
Researches and responds to MAIA members’ and their insureds’ questions and concerns regarding insurance policy coverages, terminology and interpretations. Where appropriate, it communicates with industry and regulatory officials and recommends changes in regulations, endorsements, policy forms, etc., in order to clarify intent or improve coverages. The committee participates in the Mid-America Insurance Conference and other forums relating to technical and coverage issues.
Chairman: Talesha Fowler; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Organizes, plans and implements an annual conference for customer service representatives and other front-line employees in the insurance agency. The conference offers education specifically designed to bolster the CSR's skills for their unique tasks and workflows.

Chairman: Dina Buxton; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Determines topics for the Risk Specialist Series and works with staff on what educational opportunities MAIA should be providing its members. Makes recommendations on topics and speakers used in education sessions.

Chairman: Dick Minor; MAIA Staff Liaison: Matt Barton
Monitors, advocates positions and develops legislative proposals impacting members and their clients. Maintains a working relationship with industry groups, government officials and quasi-governmental entities to develop mutual understandings, strategies and solutions to address conflicts, trends and changes within the insurance industry.

Chairman: Jon Stahly; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Organizes, plans and implements MAIA's premier event. The Leadership Conference joins quality education with excellent networking opportunities.

Chairman: Brent Speight; MAIA Staff Liaison: Lindsay Griffin
Encourages members to support InsurPac through a presence at events as well as contacting members to solicit contributions. These contributions are necessary to maintain the association’s presence in the federal political arena.

Chairman: Don Becker; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Organizes, plans and implements an annual conference designed especially for small to mid-size agencies to provide continuing education and information to help agents, as well as expand markets through a trade show.

Chairman: Darin Banner; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Coordinates a state tournament to send the allotted number of players to the Trusted Choice Big "I" National Championship. Strives to promote the statewide tournament and encourage support from agency sponsors.

Chairman: Matt Speight; MAIA Staff Liaison: Jeanne Blomberg
Promotes the local, state and national activities to attract young people to the insurance industry. Organizes, plans and implements an annual conference and creates opportunities for leadership development within MAIA.
Get ideas for your own agency, network with other agents and owners, be the first to know about association news, have the chance to weigh in on new services that members need and help shape the future of our industry. These are a few of the reasons why members around Missouri choose to get involved on a committee. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for new and experienced agents to learn more about the association and create relationships with your peers from around the state.

Any agent working for an MAIA member agency is eligible to serve on a committee.
Most committees meet two to three times per year by conference call, at the MAIA office in Jefferson City, or in conjunction with an event. Committee members are encouraged to attend events that are related to their committee's specific focus.
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