Member agencies are encouraged to co-brand their agencies with the Trusted Choice® logo and tagline, “You Need an Independent Insurance Agent.” 

Use it on your letterhead, your business cards, your website, your newsletter, etc. The more agencies that make use of the Trusted Choice® logo, the stronger the brand will become.

Below are the logo guidelines and links to download the files.


Lindsay Griffin

Lindsay GriffinChief Marketing Officer
P: 573-893-4301

​As an MAIA member and Trusted Choice® agency, you can benefit from using the Trusted Choice® logo. The name and logo have been consumer tested, meaning that it resonates very well with your potential customers.
Consistency in how the logo is used is important to its success. Trusted Choice® has created a set of guidelines that must be followed.
The Trusted Choice® logo is not meant to replace your brand, but rather take the role of a stamp of approval along with your established identity.
Trusted Choice® Logo Usage Guidelines 
Things to Remember:
  • Never recreate or alter the Trusted Choice® logo
  • The primary Trusted Choice® colors are Pantone 287 (blue) and black 
  • Only reproduce the Trusted Choice® logo in all blue, all black, blue and black, all white or metallic silver
  • Do not allow any other element to touch or interact with the logo
  • The Trusted Choice® font is Frutiger
  • Do not use a two-color logo on a non-white background
When in doubt about how to use the Trusted Choice® brand, or if you need additional information or assistance, please email