Information On-Hold Network

Make time work for you and your customers


The MAIA telephone information network was created to make time work for you, providing your clientele with valuable information over your existing telephone system.

Your On-Hold Solution.

With Hold Power 24®, you have the power to mix, manage and deploy your music on-hold (MOH) and messaging right from your computer or mobile device!  Request custom on-hold messages from our professional voice talents, choose from hundreds of music choices, mix and even schedule your music on-hold and messaging productions quickly with Hold Power 24®’s easy-to-use online interface.

Cutting-Edge Technology.

Our dedicated Hold Power 24® server gives you secure, professional account access.  And your Hold Power 24® account is built for you - with custom messaging libraries, music genres and script editing tools all at your fingertips from any computer or mobile device.

Simple.  Powerful.  Professional.

Cutting-edge music on-hold and messaging technology - built from the ground up.  Our software and hardware work seamlessly together.  And no matter what phone system your business has, Hold Power 24® was designed to work with it hand-in-hand, including cutting-edge VoIP solutions.



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